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La Trobe Business School


Subject Learning Guide
Semester Three, 2015
La Trobe University Sydney Campus
Lecturer: Dr Ian Benton

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Teaching Period:

Semester 3



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On Campus



Assumed Skills & Knowledge:

A sound understanding of basic marketing

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Dr Ian Benton


This subject focuses on the nature of the international marketplace and the problems and decisions facing managers of international marketing. It is comprehensive and practical covering marketing goods and services across national boundaries, as well as within different national markets. Major topic areas covered are the international marketing imperative, analysisof foreign environments, development of international marketing strategies and the implementation of marketing programs across different nations and within nations.

Upon successful completion of this subject, you shouldbe:

Aware of the different socio-cultural, economic, and geopolitical environments in which global marketing strategies and programs are formulated and implemented;

Be able to examine global issues and describe concepts relevant to all international marketing activities.

Have developed relevant management skills for planning and expanding activities in global markets


Develop students’ awareness of the different socio-cultural, economic, and geopolitical

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...BUSINESS and MANAGEMENT | | ASSIGNMENT FRONT SHEET Student Name: MOHAMED AHMED | Certification: I certify that the whole of this work is the result of my individual effort and that all quotations from books, periodicals etc. have been acknowledged. | Student Signature: MOHAMED AHMED | Date:18/02/2016 | Student Registration Number:S15000405 | Student email address :AHMED_06081981@OUTLOOK.COM | Programme : Business | Year/Level : 4 | Academic Year : 2015/2016 | Semester : 2 | Module title : Marketing Essentials | Assignment no. : 1 | Module code: BUS434 | | Percentage Weighting of this assignment for the module: 40% | Issue date : w/c 18/01/2015 | Return date : 21st March 2016 | Lecturer : Claire Blanchard Date of submission 29th February 2016 | Second marker : Tracy Powell | Notes for students : 1. Staple a hard copy of assignment in the top left corner and submit to the Undergraduate Office. 2. Electronic copy of assignment should be submitted through the Turnitin software. 3. 5% of marks are awarded for satisfactory use of language and/or good presentation. 4. 5% of marks are awarded for satisfactory referencing and/or presentation of a bibliography where either is required. Note that all referenced work should be obtained from credible sources using Harvard referencing 5. Students should ensure that they...

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