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Contents Introduction 3 a) Critically discuss the claim in the above mentioned passage that the most significant trend is the move away from guaranteed compensation to performance related compensation. What are the implications to the organization’s human resource management effectiveness? 3 Performance-Based Remuneration: 3 Guaranteed Variable Salary 4 From guaranteed compensation to performance related compensation. Why? 4 b) Provide a concise overview of how an organization can ensure that its compensation strategies are able to support it strategic objectives 5 • Increased skill and flexibility in the workforce 5 • Reduction in traditional demarcations 5 • Increased efficiency 5 • Tangible benefits for workers in return for changes in working practice. 5 c) Provide a set of arguments to support the view that executive pay should be linked to company performance 6 d) What are the advantages of linking employee pay to performance? 6 Provide a 'felt fair' system of rewarding people according to their contribution 6 Higher performance within the organization may result 7 Provides a tangible means of recognizing achievements 7 People understand the performance imperatives of the organization 7 Link between extra pay and extra performance is clear 7 Conclusion 8 References: 8

In this assignment I will discuss about compensation and benefit management and many aspects of it and how they can affect an organization and about their influences. a) Critically discuss the claim in the above mentioned passage that the most significant trend is the move away from guaranteed compensation to performance related compensation. What are the implications to the organization’s human resource management effectiveness?
Performance-Based Remuneration:
Krukoff (2006) refers that the performance based remuneration inducement

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