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Building Brand Image with Ethics


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Building Brand Image With Ethics

The Positive and Negative Effects of Ethical and Unethical Behaviors on Brand Trust

Executive Summary

In the market of today, businesses are faced with complex situations where they not only have to make decisions for the better of the company, but also for the better of society. In an economy and market that thrives on the competitiveness of various companies, business officials must abandon the focus on profit and focus on the needs of their consumers. Businesses cannot thrive without the support and trust of their primary and secondary stakeholders. These can include – consumers, employees, media, community leaders, etc. Businesses work to build and maintain meaningful relationships with these groups to ensure that they experience longevity and increased productivity. In order to obtain consumer preference over other companies, businesses must establish and maintain certain motives and incentives for their decision making. This will ensure two very important factors needed to maintain valuable business practices, positive brand image, and brand/consumer trust.

Brand Image and Brand Identity

When building a prosperous business, in the private or public sector, great focus must be dedicated to the brand’s image, equity, or value it holds. Brand image can simply be described as an impression; it is the consumers’ perception of a brand’s complete persona. Positive qualities, shortcomings, scandals, poor or effective decision making, direct or indirect customer interactions all make up key factors that affect brand image and reputation. When a consumer makes a purchase from a business, whether product or service, they are not only purchasing the object or the service, but also the image that goes along with that business. For example, when consumers choose to buy the iPhone, they could have chosen a less

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