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Marketing Institute of Singapore


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|Branding Efforts by Malaysia Airline System (MAS) |2 - 6 |
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...3050 Exam 1 Things to Know Chapter 1 Marketing Definitions: making a sale, managing profitable customer relationships, satisfaction of customers’ needs. Social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others The process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. Goals: Attract new customers by promising superior value & Keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction Needs: states of felt deprivation Want: form human needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality. Demands: Human wants that are backed up by buying power. Customer Satisfaction Expectations: Customers form expectations about the value and satisfaction that various offerings deliver: If marketers set expectations too low, they may satisfy current buyers but fail to attract enough. If expectations too high, buyers disappointed. Promise only what you deliver, but try to deliver more than you can promise. Steps in the Marketing Process: Understand the marketplace and customer needs and wants, design a customer driven marketing strategy, construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value, build profitable relationships and create customer delight, capture value from customer to create profits and customer equity Marketing Myopia: The mistake of paying more......

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Samsum Pestle (2014) showed that people start smoking because of many reasons, that is : Parental and sibling smoking, smoking by friends and peer group members, by tobacco marketing. Next to all of this reason, there are another reason diffirent from aboves article that is by peer pressure is an important part make people start smoking ( Helpwithsmoking 2014) while (2014) and (2014) mentioned that parental and sibling smoking is the main reason make teenages start smoking. Moreover, helpwithsmoking (2014) and (2014) argues that teenages think smoke can help them make a new friends easier than those who do not smoke. Furthermore, (2014) and helpwithsmoking (2014) showed that Advertising on TV and media have been banned for many years. It is pointed out, People who experiment with cigarettes can quickly become addicted to the nicotine in tobacco. ( 2014) and ( 2014) references American cancer society (2014), why do people start smoking. Available at: (accessed : 29 September 2014) Ash fact sheet (2014), young people and smoking. Available at : . (accessed : 29 September 2014) The ‘helpwith’ series of websites (2014), why do people smoke. Available at : (accessed : 29 September 2014) Methodology The reseach was carried out by UB1 using arline quantitative survey. It was carried out the Bellerbys centrer smoking area between 1 and 22 September 2014 as ample at 31......

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...exclusively designed gem-set jewelry STRATEGIES: * Piloted an offering of 22-karat plain gold jewelry with about 400 designs * Multimedia campaigns were launched in press and on TV to focus on traditional designs * Prevailing under-karat age problems industry wide were countered by installing karat-meter * Seven-stone concept helped Tanishq to overcome the perception of it being a Westernized brand SEGMENTATION: Proper segmentation is necessary for any company. Tanishq’s designs were not for Indian women. It position itself as international brand for Indian elite market. However they later on started targeting the mass marketing since 1997. After research Tanishq found that 40% of the women are working and they targeted this segment with a specific group of product called collection jewelry for the working women. After reseach and innovation designs became more authentic. Titan also decided to transpose design by stocking Bengali design in Delhi. TARGETING: The main class was High class and upper middle class; it was branded and special diamond studded jewelry. Then it also introduced jewelry for educated and skilled people, who could not afford high cost, but the quality was good. It was produced by local shops like PP jewelrs and Sia. Artificial jewelry was specially for middle class and lower middle class. BRAND POSITIONING Tanishq diamonds embark the aspiration of emerging Indian women who uses tradition rather than being used by it. * Design......

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...MARKETING 202 NOTES CHAPTER 1 MARKETING RESEACH = systematic and objective process of generating information to aid in decision making BASIC (PURE) RESEARCH= > expands limit of knowledge or learn more about concept > not aimed at solving pragmatic problem > verify acceptability of certain theory APPLIED RESEARCH= > conducted when a decision needs to be made about specific real life problem > studies undertaken to answer specific question (our focus) SCIENTIFIC METHOD= > techniques and procedures used to recognise and understand marketing phenomena 4 STAGES OF DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING MARKETING STRATEGIES: 1. Identifying and evaluating opportunities 2. Analyse market segment and select target markets 3. Planning and implementing a marketing mix that will satisfy customers’ needs and meet objectives of the organisation 4. Analysing market performance TYPES OF RESEARCH FOR PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING MARKETING MIX: 1. Product research = to evaluate new products or adapt old products = concept testing: new product idea to judge acceptance and feasibility of concept = product testing: reveals strengths and weaknesses and performs better than competition = brand name evaluation: is name......

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