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Marketing Strategy of Pringles


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Sunderland Faulty of Business & Law Undergraduate Programmes

MKT306 Marketing Strategy

Assignment February 2009/10

Please read all instructions and information carefully. You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations. Your assignments must be handed in to the University of Sunderland Learning Resource Centre with an accurately and clearly completed Assignment Cover Sheet.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

• Knowledge 1. Explain the nature of marketing strategy and its significance for the organisation 2. Assess the drivers and factors affecting the choice of marketing strategies 3. Evaluate appropriate models and techniques that aid the strategic marketing process 4. Analyse contemporary marketing issues and problems in a strategic context

• Skills 1. Apply research skills 2. Demonstrate interpreting advanced information and marketing data handling skills 3. Assess communications skills to develop effective relationship marketing

Title: Individual report

Weighting: 100%

Module Assessor: Stephen Storey

Issue Date: February 2010

Hand-in Deadline: 2.00pm Monday 17th May 2010

Word Count: 2500 - 3000 + Appendices


This assignment is a single report in two parts. (As a guide only; each part should form approximately half of the final report)

a) Investigation and analysis
Individually, choose an organization, either producer and/or brand owner, who is involved in the marketing of foodstuffs in the area of FMC (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), excluding frozen foods and fast food restaurants, Investigate and evaluate their marketing strategy using contemporary marketing tools and techniques however this may be illuminated using

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