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I. Introduction
With the improvement of economy and technology, people nowadays regard the drinks is not only to satisfy the thirst need but also enjoyable. In addition, the rising of fast food and soft drink industry also bring the obesity which is currently a biggest social worry, especially in the young generation. In the improved country such as the United State of America and Australia; the percentage of people who is overweight and obesity have been increasing in these years. According to World Health Organization, 2011, in Australia, there are more than 26 percent of people who is obesity and there are more or less 26 percent of male population is obesity. By facing with the over-weight problem, people has been seeking for a healthier soft drink product, with acknowledge of current social orientation, Coca-Coca has been released the new product Coke Zero. Since the first Coke Zero had been sent to the market in 2006, Coca-Cola Company has been starting a new campaign about healthier soft drink. With the careful consideration in producing process and advertising, Coca-Coca has established their position in the carbonated soft beverage market.

II. Background (Target Market & History)
Coca-Cola Company had been established in 1886 in United State, since that time the company has been providing famous soft drink brands such as Coca-Cola, Glaceau vitamin water, Fanta, Sprite, Diet Sprite/Sprite Zero, Nestea Ice Tea, Lift for many different markets. Coca-Cola Company now is a one of the biggest international soft drink companies, the company’s head quarter is currently placed in Atlanta with its products are being sold all over the world. The company’s best-selling product is Coca-Coca, which is also known as Coke, has been improving in order to satisfy the customer’s demand by different flavors, there are not only classical Coca-Coca flavor but also Vanilla…...