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Marriages, Families and Relatiohsips

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Page 24 Chapter 1

3. What important changes in family patterns do you see today? Today I see family patterns change in many perspectives ways. Families are more independent. They form their own opinions in their decision making. Do you see positive changes, negative changes, or both? I would have to say that I see both positive and negative changes in families. The positive that I see is that many husbands are more involved with their children and even some are now stay home dads taking care of the children while women go to work, the negative that I see is that there are many people filing for divorce and children being raised by single parents. What do they mean for families, in your opinion? My opinion is that most people are not making knowledgeable decisions and this is the result of many divorces. Another opinion is many lose respect in their relationship leaving them in divorce.
4. What are some examples of a personal or family problem that is at least partly a result of problems in the society? An example of personal and family problems that is at least partly a result of problems in society is communication and respect. Families today don’t communicate face-to-face as they use to years ago, there is so much technology that gets in the way of how we communicate. Society changes all the time and this effects both your personal and family problem because economy.
Page 49 Chapter 2
2. Choose a magazine photo and analyze its content from one of the perspectives described in this chapter. Then analyze the photo from another theoretical perspective. How do your insights differ depending on which theoretical perspective is used?
4. Think of a research topic, then review the data-gathering techniques described in this chapter to decide which of these you might use to investigate your topic.
Page 77 Chapter 3
5. Policy Question. Which age group...

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