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Course Number: | MTH 1010 Section: I | Course Title: | College Mathematics | Instructor Name:Voice Mail:Email Address: | Dr. Rolanda | Term Dates: | October 1, 2014 – December 12, 2014 | Class Meetings: | Tuesday and Thursday 12:00pm -1:50pm | Credit Hours: | Four (4) | Lecture Hours: | 40 | Lab Hours: | 0 | Course Length: | 11 weeks | Prerequisite(s): | None | Textbook: | Martin-Gay. (2014). Pre-Algebra & Introductory Algebra, Plus NEW MyMathLab with Pearson eText--Custom Valuepack Access Card, 4th Edition. NJ: Pearson. | Instructional Materials: | Textbook, Hand-outs, Outside Readings, VC Library, MyMathLab | Course Description: | This course includes a review of the arithmetic of integers, fractions, exponents, rational numbers, real numbers, and metric units. Students are also introduced to linear equations, radicals, roots, plane geometry, and verbal problems. | Course Objectives: | Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: * perform basic functions with rational numbers, including integers; * simplify expressions containing exponents; * use the order of operations agreement; * read and interpret various graph formats; * calculate mean, median, and mode of data sets; * determine the probability of an event; * work with metric units; * evaluate and simplify variable expressions; * solve basic algebraic equations; * define and describe geometric concepts, including angles and plane figures; * calculate perimeter, area and volume of geometric figures and solids; * use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for the unknown side of a right triangle; * interpret the rectangular coordinate system and graph basic linear equations and functions; * complete daily tasks in a timely manner; and * work cooperatively with others in a professional manner. | Instructional Methods: | Discussion, Lecture, Audio-visuals Delivery Method: Residential | Resources: | Reference materials are available in our college library as well as the Internet and the local public libraries. Research assignments should include the Virginia College Virtual Library, which is your gateway to reference resources. Students may access the virtual library through the Virginia College Student Portal: | Evaluation: | Participation and Professionalism | 15% | Out of Class Student Homework | 20% | Tests/Quizzes/CLA | 25% | Midterm Exam | 20% | Final Exam | 20% | | | Total | 100% | Students are expected to spend two hours in homework for each hour in lecture. All homework will be graded and will comprise the percentage of the final course grade identified in “Out of Class Student Homework.” | Grading Scale: | % Range | Letter Grade | 90% - 100% | A | 80% - 89% | B | 70% - 79% | C | 60% - 69% | D | 0% - 59% | F | Percentages are determined by dividing the number of points earned by the total points possible. **Students must achieve a minimum of a 60% average in all areas of evaluation to successfully complete the course. | Attendance/Make-Up Policy: | On Ground format:When a student's absences exceed 25 percent of the class time for a credit hour program, his/her attendance may be defined as unsatisfactory and the student may be withdrawn from the class or classes. All students who do not attend or interact with any scheduled classes for 14 consecutive calendar days within the term will be administratively dropped from their program of study. Attendance or interaction in a class includes such academically related activities as sitting in class, taking an examination, participating in interactive tutoring, and turning in an assignment. Student advising does not qualify as active attendance in an academically related activity. Appeals for a one-day extension may be granted by the Chief Academic Officer. All appeals must be in writing prior to the 14-day deadline.Daily tasks will be assigned which are due by the end of the class meeting each day. These tasks do not fall under the Make-up policy. Task completion is included in the student’s Professionalism grade. | Professionalism Expectations: | Students are expected to act in a professional manner by meeting deadlines, solving problems, cooperating with classmates, and generally contributing in a positive way to the class. Working in your field of study often means searching for solutions in a group context. Teamwork, listening, empathy, enthusiasm, emotional maturity, respect, and consideration of other people’s concerns are all essential to success. Please bring these qualities and values with you to class. It is as important to “practice” these interpersonal skills as it is to learn new intellectual content and related skills. Students will be evaluated on their professional demeanor in class.Observables: * Timeliness * Communicating respectfully with peers and instructor * Respecting others’ opinions * Adhering to the dress code as outlined in the VC Student Handbook * Adhering to the Academic Integrity expectations as outlined in the VC Student Handbook * Wearing the college identification badge * Completing all assigned daily tasks | Special Notes: | | Week | Dates | Topic Schedule | Assignments | 1 | 10/1-10/3 | Introduction of course and syllabus reviewWhole NumbersRounding of Whole NumbersExponentsOrder of Operations Pre-testAlgebraic expressionsOrder of operations | HW # 1 Section 1.7 Vocabulary: Page 72 (1-5 all)Exercises Page 73 (4 -44 by 4’s)Page 73-74 (46 – 86 even) HW # 2Section 1.8 Vocabulary: Page 81 (1-6 All)Exercises Pages 81-83 (8 – 88 by 4’s) Ch. 1 Review Exercises Pages 92-93 (90 – 130 even) | 2 | 10/6-10/10 | Integers * Greater than/less than * Opposites * Absolute valueAdd IntegersSubtract IntegersMultiply and Divide integersLibrary Project Due | HW #3Section 2.1 Vocabulary: Page 102-103 ( 1-8 All)Exercises Pages 104-105 (15 – 57 by 3’s)Page 105 (69 – 81 by 3’s)Section 2.2 ExercisesPage 112-113 (9 - 63 by 3’s)HW # 4 Section 2.3 ExercisesPage 119-120 (3 – 60 by 3’s)Section 2.4 Vocabulary: Page 127 (1-7 all)Exercises Page 127-129 (4 - 96 by 4’s) | 3 | 10/13-10/17 | TEST 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)Order of Operations with IntegersFinding the solutionSolving One-Step EquationsTranslate phrases to expressions Solving basic two step equationsAlgebraic expressions•Like termsMultiply and combine like term | HW # 5 Section 2.5 Vocabulary: Page 138 (1-6 All) Exercises Page 138-139 (4 - 76 by 4’s) HW #6Section 2.6 Vocabulary: Page 147-148 (1-8 All)Exercises Page 148 (9-14 all) (Page # 17 – 50 odd)Delete #21, #35, #37HW # 7 Section 3.2 Page 179 (29 – 34 all) Section 3.1 Vocabulary: Page 169 (1-9 all) Exercises: Page 169-170 (3 – 69 by 3’s) | 4 | 10/20-10/24 | Two –step equations * Variables on both sidesCombine Like terms Distributive property | HW # 8 Section 3.2 Vocabulary: Page 178-179 (1-6 All) Exercises Page 179 (1-28 all) Page 180 (45 – 72 by 3’s, # 74, 76, 78. 86, 87) | 5 | 10/27-10/31 | Rounding Decimal NumbersStatistics * Mean * Median * Mode * Calculate grade point average Assign Comprehensive Learning Assignment Test 2 (Chapters 3 & 5)Fraction Review | HW # 9Section 5.1ExercisesPage 338 (27-42 all) Page 338-339 (63-86 all)Section 5.7 Exercises Page 392-394 (1-12 all, 15 – 29 all)HW # 10Section 4.3 Exercises:Page 246-247 (1 – 6 all, 19-28 all)Page 247 (49, 50, 53, 54, 58, 57, 59)Section 4.4 Exercises:Page 260 (1 – 8 all), Page 261 (13-16 all)Section 4.5 Exercises:Page 272 (1 – 8 all) Page 272 (13 – 16 all) Page 273 (29 – 40 all) | 6 | 11/3-11/7 | Ratios and ProportionsMidterm ReviewMIDTERM EXAM | HW # 11Section 6.1 Exercises Page 417 (23 – 38 all) For the following you must show the proportion equation and the solution.Page 418 (41, 43, 46)Midterm Review Worksheet | 7 | 11/10-11/14 | Progress ReportsPercents * Percents, decimals, and fractions (Conversions) * Solve percent equations with proportionsPercent application problems * Sales tax * Interest * DiscountTest 3 (Chapter 6) | HW # 12Section 6.2 Exercises:Page 428 ( 8 – 64 even)Section 6.3 Vocabulary: Page 436 (1-6 all)Exercises Page 436-437 (1-16 all)Page 437 ( 25-28 all)HW # 13Section 6.6 ExercisesPage # 2-24 even, Section 6.7 Exercises Page 471-472 (1-27 odd) | 8 | 11/17-11/21 | Student EvaluationsGraphs * Pictographs * Bar * Histograms * Line Graphs * Circle graphsProbabilityTriangle * Square roots * Pythagorean Theorem | HW #14Section 7.1 Exercises Page 493-494 (3-27 by 3’s), Page 496 33 – 48 by 3’s Page 497 (63 – 70 all)Section 7.2 ExercisesPage 503 (1- 10 all), Page 504 (25)HW #15Section 7.5 Exercises: Page 529 (7, 8, 11 – 18 all), Page 53 (25 – 30 all) HW # 16Section 7.3 Page 514 (4 – 28 by 4’s), Page 514-515 (29- 36 all) | 9 | 11/24-11/28 | Student/Instructor EvaluationsGeometry Lines and anglesStudent EvaluationsPerimeter and CircumferenceArea and Volume | HW # 17Section 8.1 Vocabulary # 1- 10 allExercisesPage 556 13--30 odd# 37-43 oddHW # 18Section 8.2Exercises:Page 565 1 – 39 odddelete # 35 HW # 19Section 8.3 Exercises: Page 579 (1-25 odd, delete #4, #15, Page 580-581 (27 – 37) Volume only Page 582 (43, 45) Page 584 (75 – 81 odd) | 10 | 12/1-12/5 | Test 4 (Chapters 7, 8.1-8.3)Comprehensive Learning Assignment Due MeasurementUS and Metric Systems | HW # 20Section 8.4 Exercises:Page 595 ( 1-15 odd) Section 8.5 ExercisesPage 606 (1 – 11 odd)Section 8.6 Exercises: Page 615 (1 – 11 odd) Section 8.7 Exercises: Page 625 (53-59 odd) | 11 | 12/8-12 | Rectangular coordinate systemGraph basic linear equationsReview for Final ExamFinal Exam | HW # 21Section 13.1 Page 955 (1 –a, b, c, d) Page 955 (2 – a, b, c, d)Page 956 (3 – 9 all)Final Exam Review Worksheet CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING THIS COURSE. |

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