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Written Exam: 70 Internal Assessment: 30 Time: 3 Hours Project Economics and Management Paper Code: 3.1 Unit-1 Concepts of projects; project identification; formulation, analysis, risk, planning, design, report and appraisal; location of an enterprise; factory design and layout. Unit-II Understanding financial analysis; ratio analysis; fund flow analysis; breakeven analysis; social cost-benefit analysis; budgeting and planning process. Unit-III Sources of development finance; institutional finance to entrepreneurs; working capital management; incentives and subsidies; policies governing entrepreneurship; role of a consultancy organization. Unit-IV A review of project performance; post evaluation approach; community participation in projects; SWOT analysis; managing risk and exposure. Suggested Readings: 1. 2. 3. 4.
Note: 1. 2. Four case studies will be discussed in a paper by the concerned teacher in the class. Instructions for External Examiner: The question paper will have two sections. Section ‘A’ shall comprise eight questions (two questions from each unit). The candidates will be required to attempt four questions (selecting one question from each unit). Section ‘B’ will contain one CASE STUDY which will be compulsory. All five questions will carry equal marks.

Chandra, P., Project Planning Analysis, Selection, Implementation and Review, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi. Hedemey, J.W., Control and Management of Capital Projects, John Wiley, New York. Wysocki, R.K., R. Bick and D. B. Crane, Effective Project Management, John Wiley and Sons, USA. Vasant Desai, Project Management, Himalaya.

Only latest editions of the above are recommended.

Written Exam: 70 Internal Assessment: 30 Time: 3 Hours Entrepreneurship Development Paper Code: 3.2 Unit-1 Nature and dimensions of entrepreneurship; creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship versus

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...ATK 3rd round interviews Rajeev, CA Personal interview. Talked about CA. Why he did an MBA? Why management consulting? Why ATK? Asked him to give examples Asked him to describe work ex If you get offers from Mac, BCG, ATK, which will you take. Why? Probed on this. (Kind of work -implementation, kind of environment and people.) What is implementation? What do you mean by culture? Asked to explain what he meant. What kind of work do you expect to do when you asked for implementation? What do you think you will be doing? What do you expect from a job at ATK? What does he think about the process of selection? (He said ATK should not have eliminated people. However his idea was not taken very well.) Was asked to present case solution. Asked if he had any questions? Rishab, Eco grad, Summers at AA on Pharma industry. What kind of courses has he done? What ops courses has he done? How production scheduling is done? What are the various options available? What is aggregate resource planning? What is MRP I and MRP II? What kind of industries should you create capacity in and wait for demand to come? What kind of industries do you wait for demand and create capacity? What parameters would you like at for these things to find this? How decouplers are set up in a supply chain? What is the purpose of decoupling in a supply chain? Can he give a concrete example where decoupling has been done? Suppose the demand for a product is trend –driven and...

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...POSTGRADUATE MAJOR PROJECT – CAPSTONE MODULE TIME ALLOWED: 3 HOURS & 15 MINUTES INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. Students will be allowed 15 minutes reading time 2. Students are allowed to write on the question paper during that time, but NOT in the Answer Booklet 3. All questions carry equal marks 4. Start your answer to each question on a separate page Materials Permitted in the Examination: 1. Seven A4 sides of pre-prepared research may be taken into the examination room and should be submitted with the examination answer. 2. A single-volume, bilingual dictionary (without annotation). However, the use of electronic dictionaries or translators is not permitted. Mitigation – Academic regulations 6.86 - 6.94 6.90 Claims for mitigation must be submitted by the student or in exceptional circumstances (e.g. when a student has been hospitalised) by a Director of Studies, Programme Leader or Student Adviser on behalf of the student no later than five working days after the date on which an examination has been sat. Number of questions set: 2 Number of pages: 4 (including cover) Name of examiner/tutor: Dr. John W. Lang NOTE: All questions below relate to the Student Brief distributed in session 3 of the module regarding GOOGLE QUESTIONS: To be answered by ALL students 1. Critically analyse and evaluate the competitive position of GOOGLE and its potential to grow further and thrive within a fiercely competitive sector. Based on that...

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...secretes, that’s the same hormone which is secreted when we are happy. And who does not want to be happy!!! P1: OK. Then take your seat, have one, be happy, then we are starting. (I took my seat, thanked him and took a 5 star, meanwhile the 2nd panellist started) P2: Well Sayantan, what’s the name of your meaning? Me: Mam, Sayantan means the person who was born in the evening. P2: So, you must have been born in evening!!! Me: Yes Sir. 8:30 evening. (I lied :P, I was actually born at 8:30 morning) P2: OK. You are from Kolkata. Which part of Kolkata? Me: Alipore, mam. P2: Umm. Alipore. You must be rich. (I smiled) P2: OK Sayantan, tell me something about Kolkata which you think most of the Kolkatans don’t know. (I answered the question very well, focusing on the fact that everybody knows that Job Chernock was the founder of Kolkata, which is actually not not true according a 2003 Kolkata High Court Verdict, and Kolkata doesn’t have any founder) (The 1st panellist was going through my CV, and suddenly started) P1: Sayantan, you have written Geography and Indian...

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