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Starbucks Hong Kong

Hong Kong Starbucks is my all time favorite. It is actually not a totally Hong Kong western franchised restaurant. It is run by a big Hong Kong restaurant chain, Maxim. They don't have any Chinese fusion coffee or snacks. They do have some great bakery goodies that you can't find in any Starbucks in U.S.

Perry always makes sure that I have their spinach quiche (it's actually a pie, more than a quiche 'cos no egg is added) when we are there. They always warm it up in the oven and bring it over to your table.

They also have seasonal specials. If you happen to enjoy their coffee in the store like I do, you may get a free sampler. It doesn't happen frequently. But I did have a very good experience one year of trying a white chocolate coffee sampler before Christmas time in the one close to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry station.

Most Starbucks in Hong Kong have big comfy sofas. You rarely find one without. My best friend, Elaine, loves to go to those where you can enjoy the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor view (coming soon link to Junk Boat ride page). If you are lucky enough to get a table next to the window, from my point of view, that is one of the most enjoyable moments in life.

You can find the Hong Kong Starbucks with harbour view in World Trade Centre, near Ocean Terminal and Harbour City.

The Starbucks in Prince Building has a very peaceful atmosphere.

During Chinese New Year, many companies in Hong Kong give out red pocket envelopes for free with their logos on them. Since I love Starbucks so much, I saved it as a collection.

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