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'Jubilee'- পঞ্চাশৎ জয়ন্তীকালীন উৎসব অনুষ্ঠান

English to Bengali Related Phrases: 'jubilee'

1. silver jubilee = রজতজয়ন্তী

2. diamond jubilee = হীরকজয়ন্তী

3. diamond-jubilee = হীরকজয়ন্তী

4. golden jubilee = সুবর্ণজয়ন্তী

'communalism' -এর পরিবর্তে 'communism ' দেখানো হচ্ছেঃ

Bangla Dictionary Meaning: 'communism '

সাম্যবাদ , কমিউনিজম

Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Friday expressed his optimism about a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by 2021, the year the country will celebrate the golden jubilee of its independence.

He said: “The Prime Minister has shown us the dream that our country will go fully digital and become a middle-income country by the golden jubilee of independence. I don’t say that this way. I say we will be happy and prosperous in 2021. We’re moving ahead towards achieving the target.”

Speaking at the inauguration of the golden jubilee ceremony of Jhenidah Cadet College, Muhith said: “Bangladesh makes impossible possible. We’ve been recognised as a promising state despite having various problems in the 40 years since independence.”

He, however, does not believe that discrimination can be wiped out from society only in 50 years of independence.

Asked about the troubled Padma bridge project, Muhith said the government is expecting that the World Bank’s final decision to fund it will arrive by this month.

Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu was also present at the ceremony.

“The dreams we had during the War of Independence could not be fulfilled yet. So the war against poverty and communalism is still going on,” Inu said.

Quoting The Economist magazine, he said Bangladesh are among the countries whose economy will surpass those of the developed countries by 2020.

Around 1,500 alumni gathered on the college premises on the occasion. Currently 300 students are studying at the college....

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