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Memo and Business Letter for Csu Funding

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Memo and Business Letter Student’s Name: Institution:

TO: CSU Funding campaign team members
FROM: Yuqing and William
DATE: February 5, 2014
SUBJECT: Funding for CSU

This memo is a reminder of the meeting we have today. The agenda of the meeting is to talk about what we discussed and to get opinions on the matter. As the campaign group for the CSU funding, it is proper that we use all means and to gather all that is in our disposal for the task. We discussed on how we can acquire funding, and we agreed that we should not limit our campaign to only seeking finances. The essence of this program is to help increase CSU’s finances so that it can services its activities. This can be achieved through the provision finances and by enforcing measures to cut down costs. CSU has tried such measures, in the past, to cut down on its spending. It has done so by increasing its technology use to replace costly manual systems and by sharing services between departments and campuses.
In our discussion, we suggested on the same idea that campaigning for funding does not exclusively mean seeking funds. We, therefore, discussed that if we can get people to volunteer, tutor or pursue internship programs, it would be a good measure of cutting down costs. Salary expenses are a significant part of the overall expenses and reducing these costs saves a lot of money for CSU. We also proposed that the target audience, for this plan of the campaign, is the graduates. Students do not have money to cover for their expenses. However, graduates are a good target because they have experience and money to cover for their own expenses.

Business Letter
25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard,
Hayward, CA 94542,
February 5, 2014.

Mr. Kevin Pina,
Foundation for Higher Education,

Dear Mr. Pina,

We are a CSU funding campaign group, and our main program is to seek funds or to...

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