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Why I chose to become a mental health counselor
Counseling others is a difficult job that requires people to listen, take notes, and respond in ways that are positive and helpful. It is important that trust be built between the counselor and the patient so that the patient will feel comfortable speaking about issues that are private or embarrassing. There are many different types of counselors including drug counselors; marriage counselors, grief counselors, job counselors, diet and exercise counselors, and others that can help people improve their lives in different ways. Counselors are trained to offer advice and listen to issues that may be bothering other people. They are not allowed to prescribe medication or expected to provide medical advice.
Approximately 25 percent of North Americans suffer from diagnosable mental health issues each year. With the increasing awareness of the related social, political and economic impacts of these problems, there is a greater need for professional mental health counselors. Additionally, health care insurance providers, driving the demand for more qualified professionals, recognize most mental health counseling. After earning a master's degree in mental health counseling, most people choose to get licensed or certified in a specialty such as:
• Rehabilitation counseling
• Substance abuse counseling
• Marriage and family counseling
Mental health counselors work with individuals, groups and communities on a variety of mental health issues:
• Addiction / substance abuse
• Aging
• Anger management
• Career issues
• Depression
• Marital and relationship problems
• Self image
• Stress
• Suicide
Mental health counselors strive to educate and support people in their own personal development. A mental health counselor is a trained professional that counsels families, individuals, and groups and couples to promote...

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