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Grace Moore Psychodynamic Theories Brochure PSY / 405 Theories of Personality Robert Irizarry 09/21/2015

There have been many theories over time. All of them consists of their strong points as well as there week points in the way of explaining individual’s behavior. This brochure will show the way psychodynamic theories affects personality and behavior, also how it apply to strength an limitation. Theorists such as Freud, Jung, Adler, Fromm, Erickson, Sullivan, Klein and Horney. All of them have a different personalities, and experiences in life that manifested in their psychodynamic theories. All theories are a reflection of their author’s personal background, childhood experiences, and philosophy of life, the way that they looked at the world (2013). What is Personality? Personality is a patterned body of habits, traits, attitude and ideas. Of an induvial as these are organized externally into roles and statuses and they relate internally to motivation, goals, and various aspects of selfhood.

Freud’s Theory According to Freud, The personality has three sections the ID, the ego, and the super ego. All three of them has a connection that enable then to work together to create human behavior. The ID is very powerful and places very high demands on the EGO for whatever it wants such as hunger, sex, thirst and a host of other things. The EGO functions on the real principal, which is helping individuals to interact with the real world. The Superego holds an induvial morality base on what the induvial takes in from his or her parents and the rest of...

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