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HRM incident 1

1. We think that there should be a minimum education requirement for the meter reader job, at least a high school diploma holder, as it is for the purpose of the company to have good communication skills and well-educated meter reader workers. On the other hand, for meter reader workers with high school diploma holder allows themselves to have opportunity to be promoted or benefit on further education in the future. Also, with high school diploma certificate increase the employment possibilities where minimum education provided to fill in their job with specific skills that enables them to start as soon as possible on their job whereas its helps employer to reduce the cost on training and development.

2. Basically, Sam’s effort to upgrade the people in the organization is really good changes for the company in the future. On the contrary, Judy already had difficulties in keeping the 37 meter reader position filled as the pay $8.00/hr was high for an unskilled worker in the area, in addition there isn’t have the job required the employees to work on weekends too and she is thinking ways maintain the job applicants with high school diploma certificate for the company.

If Sam insisted that Judy take on the changes would cause those current meter reader workers with high school diploma holder facing unemployment. Furthermore, it makes Judy re-changes hers idea on how to attract and employ those meter reader workers with college degree and also the salaries for the new workers. Thus, Judy also must concerns about what Mr. McCord have said on the company’s growth with such low pay scale of $8.00/hr for the degree holder to do such basic task; it would causes on the achievement in the future needs with such unrealistic job qualification. Lastly, Sam’s efforts on the organization would be more appreciate in the long run and easier for potential employees to get promoted on higher position with a college degree.

3. If taken on Sam’s effort to upgrade the people in the organization, he should have considered when firing the current meter reader workers with high school diploma certificate in the company, as it isn’t the requirement of a college degree that he would have legal ramification and get the organization in lawsuit problem, based on legislation requiring through job analyst such as Civil Right Act where it provides that job description to have an equitable compensation system and an adequate defense against unfair discrimination charges in initial selection, promotion and all others areas of human resources of administration.

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