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Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American War
Samuel Lebron
June 18, 2015
Dr. J. Randall III


The Mexican-American war according to many has a lot of controversy behind it. Many believe that the war was really initiated and provoked by the United States, and President at the time, James K. Polk. Polk envisioned a much larger America (territory) that would one day reach from the east all the way to the west (Pacific Ocean). Amid the controversy of whether it was Mexico or the United States that started this conflict, one thing is for certain, the end result of this war would help shape the U.S. in more than one ways than one.

It is believed by many that newspaper editor John O’ Sullivan came up with the term Manifest Destiny, which really was a time when American families started looking west in search of new lands and opportunity, and while many were motivated by religious beliefs and the movement of the second awakening, thinking they could reach the natives and convert them to Christianity, others were simply motivated by the economic potential (e.g. fur trade) the west had. Unfortunately many Americans, mostly from the south also sought new lands but for the wrong reasons, reasons such as acquiring more lands for the expansion of cotton cultivation, thus also spreading more slavery. One of the main events that lead to the war was the dispute of boundaries between Mexico and the United States and the union of Texas with the U.S. Mexico did not like the fact the Texas joined the union, in the years prior, Mexico had been at war with Texas trying to get them to surrender to their rule but could not succeed. Another reason that possibly lead to the war was that the U.S. wanted to establish their border at the Rio Grande, but Mexico believed their border was at the Nueces River which was about 120 miles north of the Rio Grande....

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