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Mgt521 Week 1


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Functional Areas of Business Paper
Heather Souza-Rodriguez
December 1, 2014
University of Phoenix Instructor Jose Pecero

The requirements of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) focuses on the development in the executive functions. Organizations have to research the functional areas of business to produce ways to communicate information from managers to other leadership by formulating organizational structures by subdividing functional areas and delegating responsibilities as necessary. This paper pinpoints on the functional areas of business through procedures of managers to work in multi-level teams.
Functional Areas of Business
Whether a small or large business, the must all have key functions to perform on a standard basis. This may require the projection overhead expenses and other financial diligence to ensure quality control, customer service, and employee retention. Companies differ through strategy and growth depending on the corporation’s capacity to produce, but the role of that manager in the areas of the functional business is detrimental to the corporation’s success or demise.
Functional Areas in Business Organizations
A large organization creates departments which are easily recognized for their separate functional areas. Pinpointed below are each department tasks that must be fulfilled as it relates to that departments requirement outline of tasks and possibly adapt additions to that Standard of Operations Policy.
Organization Functional area in business organizations to include: * Production involves ensuring targets and quality are met as schedule * Sales involves achieving targets goals * Marketing involves identifying and fulfilling customers’ needs. This is achieve through the marketing mix, which consist of product, price, promotion, and place * IT involves maintaining organization computer

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