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Michel and His Love for Life

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Michel and his Love for life
The evening was overcast with gray and darkened clouds. The cold and chilly wind coupled with the occasional thunder gave signs of an unrelenting storm. The cafe was quietly busy with few customers, some whom were queuing patiently for their orders and some nestled themselves comfortably on the couch minding their time. The time was ten minutes passed the appointed hour and Michel was nowhere in sight. The rain erupted shortly into a heavy downpour and unexpectedly, the glass panels of the doors was gently pushed and Michel made his appearance.
Michel, whom turned twenty last June, stands at roughly 1.75 meters and has fair brown complexion. He approached in a cool and relaxed pace, that he was always accustomed to and appeared rather excited despite the gloominess outside. He physically appeared more athletic, with broader shoulders, a slightly muscular triceps and a leaner chest. His smile was his greatest asset as he has used it gratuitously to amend many setbacks. He was polite and conscious as he took a moment to greet before taking his place. His round face appeared full, fresh and smooth, his deep and dark, brooding eyes remained as gleefully as ever as his lips shaped into a thin half-smile. He had short straight black hair parted on the sides which glimmered every time it touches the light. He took a moment to sigh and slowly, he sank further into the cushion. He speaks with a flagrant and robust command of the English language. His speech was formal, yet gentle and characterizes him as a person from an Old-Victorian aged, upper echelon society, which has long been expired.
He was brought up and has lived his whole young life in the eastern region of Singapore. He comes from an average sized family of four and he's the eldest. He has a younger brother of eighteen and his parents are in their early fifties, and with each of them working in different sections of the government. The family is modestly well to do; with them living marginally well inside the middle income group. Many would say he is blessed with fortune, but given his expression at that moment he only showed modesty.
Michel is currently a student at the Kaplan Academy and he is beginning to embark on his academic journey throughout the field of Communications. He believes that speaking is the only way one can validate their existence to others and themselves. He moves on citing that words had founded civilizations, religions and most of all; made peace a possibility. In this turn of the century, when communications are at the most high end, it is an opportunity one must make good use of and that idea seemed to have possessed him. Even though, he likes his current circumstances, he regrets not being able to be focused and disciplined when it came to some important decisions during his earlier life. Moreover, He mentioned that he tried to overcome it by taking on more initiatives and responsibilities but that only caused him to fall twice as behind.
He described that there are two events from his past, he might like to alter in order to change the course of his life. The first, was not being able to proclaim his true love for his best friend and the second, was not trying hard enough to overcome his weakness in his second language and mathematics. He believed, that particular courage that was absent at those points had prevented him from facing larger problems later in his life.
As Michel's emotions grew warmer, he had found the composure which added resolve into his character. “I know what you think. I feel your uneasiness more than you realized. I don't belong in this place and yet I'm sitting here. Despite the bad, I always hoped for the best. I'm a good-natured person, wiser and more determined than ever to overcome my flaws. I need to be a good example for my family and friends, as their happiness depends on my well-being as well.”
In five years time, Michel is very determined to complete his education up to his bachelors and to have already found a career in public-relations and be well employed while earning a stable income. In ten years, he wants to purchase a home which he can call his own and within twenty years time, he hopes to be long married and have children.
Michel has deduced a few crucial steps for achieving his goals. Firstly, he needs to successfully complete his education, then attempt at other qualifications like soft skills that will improve his credibility as a writer. He also stated that it is important to maintain a stable and interpersonal network with different kind of professionals and to keep oneself relevant in society. He informally said; that aside to those factors, one must also find a healthy, productive and a lifelong hobby to commit to. And as important, he added as the golden rule, “Please fall in love; not only with a person you chose, but with the beauty found in society, nature and in everything which surrounds you. Be in love where ever you are in life.” He believes that if he were to adhere to his rules, he wouldn't need to be worried for the future, but rather just anticipate it. “I never really wanted anything else. Therefore, this are my main and only goals, and it's all more important that I achieve them” said Michel.
Michel felt that studying and picking out hobbies have taken a large amount of time from his current life. He had experimented with blogging, cooking, memorabilia collecting, fashion and doing social service at his local animal shelter as one of his many hobbies. He is happy to know that he can come up many ways to live a successful life and he's much happier knowing that he has taken steps in realizing them.
He wants everyone, especially his friends who might be struggling with some life decisions to know that giving up is never the option. He said, “I know how painful failures can be, but that pain can be channeled and purposed as courage to face our fears; you need only the hope and willpower to aid you.” He also adds, “Happy living always starts today and today is the best day for change”.
In summary; Michel expresses as one of his own favorite anecdote which has helped him throughout many aspects of his life, “Follow the rhythm of your heart and never stop. The life you want is always far away and ahead. You must always run faster and further, for only then you can look back with great satisfaction”.

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