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Minimum Wage: Most Controversies In Today's World

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Minimum Wage Minimum wage is one of the biggest controversies in todays world. In the two articles and the video, there are different ideas that are discussed. The first article that is talked over is “The argument against raising the minimum wage,” the second article is “Economists argues about minimum wages,” and the video is “Thirty Days Minimum Wage.” The one that I favor the most is “Thirty Days, Minimum Wage.” After reading the two articles and the video, I believe that minimum wage should be raised. In the first article, “The argument against raising the minimum wage,” the writer discusses why minimum wage should not be raised. For example, he states the consequences that will happen if the minimum wage was to rise; some of these include loss of jobs, an increase in consumer prices, and the likelihood of experienced workers being attracted to lower-paying jobs. If the minimum wage were to rise, many workers who have more advanced jobs might quit because of the benefits of a minimum wage job. Another idea that is brought up is the fact that higher paying and non-entry level jobs would not get paid as much. Although I am for raising the minimum wage, I do think that this suggestion is very unfair. I feel that if you went to college and worked hard for your degree, you deserve to get paid the right amount and not get a pay cut because of someone not going to college. In the second article, “Economists argue about minimum wage,” the author gives numerous thoughts on whether minimum wage should be raised or not. It portrays different ideas from numerous cities that passed the law. The first example it gives …show more content…
“The argument against raising minimum wage.” Chicago Tribune. March 10, 2014. Accessed on 31, October 2017

“Economists argue about minimum wage.” The Economist. Accessed on 31, October 2017.

Spurlock, Morgan. “30 Days Minimum Wage.” Accessed on 31, October 2017.

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