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Family Therapy: A Systemic Integration, 8th Edition
Chapter 1: Two Different Worldviews
The Framework of Individual Psychology
The Framework of Systemic Family Therapy
Basic Concepts of Systems Theory and Cybernetics
Family Therapy or Relationship Therapy?

Chapter 2: The Historical Perspective
Planting the Seeds: The 1940s
Development of Interdisciplinary Approaches
Gregory Bateson
Putting Down Roots: The 1950s
Bateson (Continued)
The Double-Bind Hypothesis
Nathan Ackerman
Murray Bowen
Carl Whitaker
Theodore Lidz
Lyman Wynne
Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy
John Elderkin Bell
Christian F. Midelfort
Overview of the 1950s
The Plant Begins to Bud: The 1960s
Paradigm Shift
Salvador Minuchin
Other Developments
Blossom Time: The 1970s
Psychodynamic Approaches
Natural Systems Theory
Experiential Approaches
Structural Approaches
Strategic Approaches
Communication Approaches
Behavioral Approaches
Gregory Bateson
Connecting and Integrating: The 1980s
Other Voices
The Limits of History
Controversy, Conflict, and Beyond: The 1990s
The Feminist Critique
Family Therapy and Family Medicine
Integration and Metaframeworks
Managed Care
The Twenty-First Century: Continuing Concerns and Emerging Trends

Chapter 3: The Paradigmatic Shift of Systems Theory
A Cybernetic Epistemology
Rules and Boundaries
Communication and Information Processing Congruent and Incongruent Communication Avoiding Communication traps
Relationship and Wholeness Triangles Relationship style
Goals and Purposes
Cybernetics of Cybernetics
Wholeness and

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...Expatriates in China Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges Ilaria Boncori ISBN: 9781137293473 DOI: 10.1057/9781137293473 Palgrave Macmillan Please respect intellectual property rights This material is copyright and its use is restricted by our standard site license terms and conditions (see If you plan to copy, distribute or share in any format, including, for the avoidance of doubt, posting on websites, you need the express prior permission of Palgrave Macmillan. To request permission please contact Expatriates in China Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges Ilaria Boncori Expatriates in China 10.1057/9781137293473 - Expatriates in China, Ilaria Boncori Copyright material from - licensed to University of Wollongong - PalgraveConnect - 2014-05-17 This page intentionally left blank 10.1057/9781137293473 - Expatriates in China, Ilaria Boncori Copyright material from - licensed to University of Wollongong - PalgraveConnect - 2014-05-17 Expatriates in China Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges Ilaria Boncori University of Essex, UK Copyright material from - licensed to University of Wollongong - PalgraveConnect - 2014-05-17 10.1057/9781137293473 - Expatriates in China, Ilaria Boncori © Ilaria Boncori 2013 Foreword © Heather Höpfl 2013 All rights reserved. No reproduction...

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