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Mn Crash Statistics Analysis

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Team 5 Proposal
Alison Frey, Dan Gray, Scott Monroy, Lisa Nemec
Are Minnesotans better drivers than Wisconsinites?
Statistics 201.07
Instructor Shafi A. Khaled

Project Overview
The competitive relationship between Minnesota and Wisconsin is a time tested tradition that we have all grown up knowing. From our sports teams to who has a better tourist draw, Minnesotans and Wisconsinites love to debate on who has the better state. One thing is consistent however; Minnesota and Wisconsin share a very similar pattern of weather. With that weather cycle, there inevitably will be accidents. These accidents can be caused by a number of factors, but weather is typically to blame in the majority of them. Other factors might include age, race, and gender. One thing is certain though, we believe that Minnesotans are the better drivers in inclement weather conditions and we intend to prove this through data collection and analysis. We believe that in the end, Minnesota will have the better drivers.
Project Proposal
Problem: Minnesotans and Wisconsinites continually complain about the weather and the drivers’ bad driving habits of the other state. We want to determine which of the two states have the most motor vehicle accidents during inclement weather conditions. We believe these accidents are due to outside conditions and that there will be a decrease in the amount of accidents during sunny conditions versus an increase in the number of accidents when there are adverse weather conditions such as overcast skies, rain storms, ice storms, or snow storms. We also believe that the age and gender of those drivers contribute to the amount of accidents.
We are analyzing the associations of auto accidents in Minnesota and Wisconsin to prove Minnesotans have better drivers during inclement weather conditions. If Minnesotans do not, we will show that we have viable excuses…...

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