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Mystic Monk Coffee is a business that was started by a group of 13 monks led by Father Daniel Mary recognized as the Carmelite Order of monks in Clark, Wyoming. Mystic Monk Coffee averages about $56,000 per month in revenues for the sale off spiritual specialized coffee. The portion of 56,000 is not just revenues but also some overhead about 30 percent is revenues, shipping costs account for 19 percent of revenues, and broker fees were three percent of revenues for a total cost of goods sold of 52 percent. Operating expenses such as utilities, supplies, telephone, and website maintenance averaged 37 percent of revenues. Thus, Mystic Monk Coffee’s net profit margin averaged 11 percent of revenues. Father Daniel Mary had formed a vision of acquiring some land in a 500 acre ranch for $8.9 million and building a monastery with accommodations for thirty monks, a retreat center for visitors, a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns. Mystic Monk Coffee also known as MMC has the present situation that it wants to acquire a new set of land but there are some obstacles preventing it from doing so. First obstacles are that the method in which you use to create revenues is limited because of the supply that it produces. Their roaster is small and is only able to produce a limited capacity. Production is not just limited because of the size of their roaster but because of the time that they had to devote to prayer. They have minimal knowledge of the Internet business and their ads are limited. This is one of there big key problems that they have a less then satisfactory business model. They are unable to promote their product in the largest marketplace of the world, which is the World Wide Web. There current business strategy does not fit the company’s internal situation. They are operating in a business, which is highly competitive with a lot of customers who have

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