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More Money More Problems


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Literary Analysis
More Money, More Problems
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is known as one of the most important American writers of his time. He is also known for helping create the historical period the “Jazz Age”. Fitzgerald lived a colorful life of parties and money-spending, he lived a lavish lifestyle! F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St Paul, Minnesota of mixed Southern and Irish descent. He was given three names after the writer of The Star Spangled Banner, to whom he was distantly related. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s exquisite, writing style was mainly influenced by Father Sigourney Fay. Princeton University, Zelda Sayre. School played a very important role in his life, Fitzgerald failed at sports but was a excellent daydreamer. During 1911-1913 he attended Newman School, A Catholic Prep School in New Jersey where he met father Sigourney Fay, who encourage his ambitious for personal distinction and achievement. (Bruccoli)
Fitzgerald was excellent in school until he made it to college. As a member of the 1917 Princeton Class, Fitzgerald often neglected studies and often wrote scripts and lyrics for the Princeton Triangle Club. While on academic probation and unlikely to graduate he joined the army in 1917. Convinced that he would die in war he rapidly wrote the novel, The Romatic Egotisc, it was rejected. (Broccoli) After that book was rejected, fitgerald did not give up he begin writing his first novel, This Side of Paradise. On April 3rd 1920, having just published his first novel This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre. This Side of Paradise became a istant success. But the apex of his career came with the Novel The Great Gatsby. (Anderson) Fitzgeral was uncommonly gifted as awriter. Not only was he apart of the crazy, wonderful era of the 1920’s he help name it the Jazz Age Era. “Winter Dreams” (1922) by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered the strongest of the Gatsby clustered stories and novels written from 1922 to 1924 in order to cultivate ideas The Great Gatsby. The Last Tycoon was published in 1940.” Fitzgeralds F. Scott” This Side of Paradise. This book was some-what auto-biographical novel about the new life of former soldiers who fought in the war against Germany. In these books, Fitzgerald was able to portray both the benefits and problems with high society. The Twenties marked the high point in his career, and unlike other authors, later years were not kind to Fitzgerald, and he did not produce any major works after the twenties.” "A Breif Life of Fitzgerald” The Great Gastby, perhaps his greatest novel, he depicts the dreaming and what people do to reach dreams in the high society of the East coast though the eyes of Nick, a westerner. In this, he showed how this affluent society had a hollow core of pretense and emptiness, and how many of the "old money" were cruel and heartless. "A Breif Life of Fitzgerald”

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More Money More Problems

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