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In your opinion which two motivation theories would be most usefully integrated into a model of motivation for an organisation looking to motivate and retain new graduates early in their careers. You must clearly justify the choice of theories chosen for this occupational group.

Today this essay will be analysing and expressing two motivational theories. The theories will be concluded and conducted in the thesis of retaining and maintaining new graduates within their early stages of the working environment. The organisation that has been chosen to be based upon within this essay is Zara, the clothing company.

After interpreting the essay question I have decided that the two controversial theories I will be assessing is Maslow’s theory that is constructed upon the hierarchy of needs as well as Fredrick Taylor and the application of scientific management and the motivational influence of money. I will be engaging and implementing my own opinion as to why I feel these theories are justifiable for the chosen occupational group, along with providing key research, highlighting benefits and drawbacks of these theories.

Initially my essay will begin with the theory hypothesised by the man known as Abraham Maslow. I will briefly describe the main factors that are included within Maslow’s theory. Maslow refers to a pyramid of hierarchy that shows the basics needs that a worker requires in order to successfully be motivated. He theorises that every aspect of the pyramid grows less insignificant as you reach to the top of the pyramid. For example a quote helping prove my research is “Undoubtedly these physiological needs are the most pre-potent of all needs. What this means specifically is, that in the human being who is missing everything in life in an extreme fashion, it is most likely that the major motivation...

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