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Motivativation & Leadership Theory Practice in National Bank Limited


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National Bank Limited is one of the front ranking first generation private sector banks in Bangladesh. The Bank started its commercial operation on 23rd March 1983.

Motivation is the process of directing, energizing, and sustaining any individual’s effort, quality, and skills for attaining the organizational goal through performing his /her responsibilities. It leads to a great deal of self-satisfaction when the individual goals become aligned with the organizational. The satisfaction acts as a performance variable and acts as tool of change in performance and outcome.

Theory of Motivation:
There is various theory of motivation. Various experts define motivation in various ways. Here we will discuss about the Maslow’s hierarchy need theory and Herzberg’s Motivation – Hygiene Theory. Maslow’s Hierarchy need Theory:
Maslow’s Hierarchy Need theory is based on the 5 human needs based upon the 2 hierarchical categories are: physiological, safety, social, esteem and Self-Actualizations arranged in the ascending order in a Pyramid. Each of the unique needs cannot be attained without another and once achieved they are normally not sought. Thus, these needs are dynamic and not stable. This theory further explained human psychology relating to the need acquisition. It describes that human investment and effort increases for attainment of higher and higher order of needs and each need are related. Here needs are categorized into two types – Higher order needs and lower order needs. Each level in hierarchy must be satisfied before the next is activated. Once a need is substantially satisfied, it no longer motivates.

Figure: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Lower order needs : Physiological Needs: The need of Food, Shelter, Sexual satisfaction etc.
National Bank offers to its employees Medical Benefits, House Building Loan,

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