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1. Employee Eligibility - Conditions under which an Employee is eligible for award payment. Example- If only active EE’s are to be paid, EE’s belonging to particular departments, job codes are not to be considered for referral awards, etc
2. What are the awards paid. For e.g. Is there are different referral amount for eligible employees if an applicant is hired for specific department/ location/ job code/etc,
3. After hire/rehire of applicant what is the duration that eligible EE must wait until the award is payable. E.g. The award could become payable 7 days after applicant is hired. However, the payment would happen in next payroll only.
4. The schedule of reward payment. If the entire 100% of cash awards need to be paid once as part of one earning code or 50% needs to be paid as one one earning code after 1st month and remaining 50% as some other earning after 2nd month.
5. What is the time limit for how soon after the referral the applicant must be hired. E.g. If an applicant is hired 6 months after referral, rewards are not to be paid
6. If there are any criteria when the reward is disqualified. E.g. – disqualify Employees if the applicant reports to them directly or indirectly based on department tree structure.
7. If manual approval is required before the cash rewards are sent to payroll system
8. For Cash reward if the rule should be applicable as of Hire date or referral date
To be checked- mostly as of referral date

If the referring employee is terminated due to redundancy during the qualifying period, the full reward will be payable to the employee
What if the referring EE is terminated due to some other reason??

To be checked further: 5000$ - Is this amount to be paid out at once

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