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The Consequences of the Russian Revolution There were many consequences of the Russian Revolution. The first and most important consequence, since it leads to all other consequences, was the abdication of Nicholas II. After three hundred years of Romanov dynasty, the Tsar finally came to an end. After his abdication, many arguments took place on whether Russia should back out of the war or not and who should take the Monarchs place. The Monarchy was replaced by the liberals in the Duma, “they were faced with a republic after all”. (1) The provisional government lead by Alexander Kerensky, decided to carry on fighting in World War One, regrettably to “preserve Russia’s honor” (2). The decision to remain in WW1 was proven to be futile, it cost him both the support of civilians and soldiers. WW1 was the main cause of the revolution in the first place; the public of Russia felt no hope and protests carried on. Conditions worsened and throughout 1917 there was constant procrastination. Russia’s situation after the Tsar had abdicated went from bad to worse. Lenin is an important consequence as he transformed Russia into a communist country. Lenin spent his time from 1900 to 1917 abroad; he had previously been threatened by the Monarchy and thought it was in his best interests to leave Russia. When the provisional government formed, after the abdication of Nicholas II, Lenin saw the opportunity for the Bolsheviks to seize power (the Bolsheviks were a political faction that believed in socialism). Vladimir Lenin was one of the main leaders of the Bolsheviks party. Lenin was accepted by the people of Russia because he argued for two points, the ending of the war and the replacement of the provisional government; by a soviet one. The people of Russia shared Lenin’s discontent; this opened a new stage of the Russian Revolution. The provisional government

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