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My Career In Biomedical Engineering

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The periodic dings and dongs of the grandfather clock almost drowned out the noise of my ring-tone, but I managed to catch it anyhow. Three dreaded words coming from a person very dear to me, followed by a long silence are all that was heard: “It is cancer…”
Before my graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering, I was an undergraduate student in (Nano-) Physics at the University of Groningen. However, it was the disease of a family member that made me take a step back and reconsider my career path.
After my Bachelor’s graduation I took a gap year during which I broadened my skill field with an internship as Business Analyst at a small startup. This created an immense spark for my entrepreneurial spirit.
On the other hand, during my Bachelors, …show more content…
Firstly, I would like to express my entrepreneurial spirit by founding a company that allows for low cost accessible solutions of medical products, technology, or treatments. Often (medical) and technological research is focused on novel designs, solutions and materials. I would like to focus on the other side of the spectrum, and make technology available to everyone! To do this, my plan is to obtain more knowledge of the applications of, preferably biomedical, engineering and its role within a company and society. This could be done, for example, as an R&D scientist to develop and design biomedical products, or as a science and technology communicator in a company.
Another career path I am considering, one that is even stronger focused on business, is starting off as a consultant, preferably in the area of health care. Advisory boards often look for fresh graduates from technical studies. This is done because of the highly analytical skills and deep knowledge of technology of these graduates, allowing them to be able to clearly communicate complex problems and their solutions. Of course, prerequisite knowledge of business is another key prerequisite as consultant, and I might be lacking in this compared to, for example, an econometrics or finance graduate, who have a plenty of knowledge of analytical system, but have more experience applying this in a more business related environment. I believe, however, that my internship in Business Analytics and additional Business Courses during my master will allow me to come a long

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