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My Father and Mother

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Comparison Essay My Father and Mother Almost all children spend their childhood time together with their parents. I also grew up and spent my childhood with my father and mother. As parents, both of them loved and took care of me. However, there are three major differences between them. My parents have different views on children’s career, different views on children’s life and different habits. Firstly, my dad and mom had different opinions on what I should pursue as my future job. My dad said I should get a job related to sciences or business. He suggested I should become a doctor, nurse or business administrator. My mom said I should pick up their career and become a farmer or maybe a gardener. My dad was very strict when it came to what I could do as a child while my mom was more open-minded. My dad would not allow me to go outside to play with my friends. If he found out that I was outside he would force me to go back home and be really angry with me. He would also say that I should be either studying or be working in and around the house. My mom, on the other hand, would give me more freedom. She would allow me to have free time. She would even tell me to sneak out and go play with my friends. This leads to another difference between them. Even though my mom would let me go outside she herself stays at home all the time and does not like to go outside. She likes the comfort of her home and likes to spend her inside the four walls of the house. My dad is exactly the opposite, he did not like it when I went outside but he himself would try to spend as much time outside as possible. In fact, to me it seems like that he spends most of his free time outside, talking to his friends while drinking…...

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