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When I was younger, I used to take pens, small parts of different machines, flowers, leaves and many other things apart to put them back together, so that I could see how each piece, however unimportant the piece seemed, fit together to create a working object. As I progressed in my school life, my interest in applying this in real life increased. It always fascinated me how even the lack of the smallest organism could tamper the ecosystem just like a spring toy that does not work properly if the spring is slightly bent.
After Grade 10, I took up pure sciences- Biology, Physics and Chemistry as well as Mathematics and English. My passion for biology was keenly supported by all my chosen subjects. Chemistry helped me understand the molecular structures while Physics and Mathematics helped me understand the dynamics and statistics that we were provided with. Being an avid reader, has led to the formation of many ideas which I feel can be expressed on gaining more insight. A degree in Biological Sciences will help me reach my dream.
Earlier this year, three of my friends and I participated in NTU Science Symposium. We had to write a research paper in any field of science. The four of us love biology and felt that we would be able to express our skills and knowledge through the paper and came up with the topic 'External Factors Affecting Bacterial Growth'. The research paper certainly tested our abilities to work as a team. We had to submit the paper in May and all of us had many other commitments apart from the research paper. Like every group has someone to keep all the interpersonal relations intact, this task was an added responsibility to me. The research paper helped us understand as well as apply many of the already learnt concepts. I realised the importance of understanding and applying the knowledge procured during theory classes. In12th grade, it is important for us to submit a research project. I chose the topic 'Media and Health'. I was very keen on making the best of the resources I had. Thus I spent a lot of my time for the research. Through the project, I realised that I wanted a career path that was tied with biology.
Research requires a lot of discipline and teamwork. I was able to inculcate these traits through my extracurricular activities. I had taken up Classical Dance, Western Keyboard and Swimming. Both the arts and sport have taught me the importance of teamwork and coordination. Extracurricular activities teaches us how to balance our academics along with our other commitments. It teaches us the art of multitasking which is very important in today's world. Being selected as part of the student council for two consecutive years has certainly enhanced my self-confidence as well as vocational and decision making skills. I also attended leadership development camps through my school like SINDA Youth Leaders Seminar. Volunteering at orphanages and old age homes from grade 9-12 has given me the opportunity to learn many important values and gain insights from people who have been successful in their various fields of professions as well as gain experiences that can never be gained with the help of a book. Living in a country like Singapore which has a multicultural background, I have learnt the importance of peace and harmony and I am able to speak Hindi, Malayalam and English fluently and have a basic grasp on French and Tamil which enables me to communicate with people from a different backgrounds.
I can confidently say that I am an individual who is keen on gain more through biological sciences and making the best out of university life. Studying at university will surely be an opportunity of a lifetime as I will gain experiences that will help me lead life even after university life. I wish to pursue a successful career in research and I feel the degree will help me reach my goal.

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