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Do you agree or disagree:It is better to start another project after completely finishing a project than to work on two or more projects at the same time.

To some extent, whether you choose to start another project after completely finishing a project or to work on two or more projects at the same time generally count on what kind of project you are focus on and the relationship between those processes. As a result, it is not appropriate to evaluate which one is better as their natures, usages and functions are different, having their unique values. As for the production line of the industry, creates by Henry ford, one of the most outstanding leaders and rose up to a fundamental change in industry, a car need to pass between scheduled productions, that is to say, it can only go on another project after the previous one is completed. This necessitates a regimented routine and highly increases the rate of production since workers do not work in the burst of intense labor alternating with more leisure time. The United States was once considered as “the country on wheels” after the creation of the production line. We can see through the success of Henry Ford that if the two or more projects are not affiliated or related to each other, starting another project after completely finishing one project can help us to focus on every pace and do each delicately. On the other hand, however, sometimes we need to take concerns on both projects, like the environment protection and the development of economy. An improving economy is the prerequisite of protecting the environment as it is ensure that people need to be in carefree lives first so that they can have vigor and capability to govern those thorny environmental problems. Meanwhile, if environmental pollution contributes to too many negative effects, it will slow down the pace of economical

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