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Commmunication and Personality in Negotiations

In this essay the writer will share an experience in which negotiating was a factor to obtain a reduced price in the purchase of a new vehicle. The writer will discuss the communication style used to negotiate. The writer will share the personality used for the successful negotiation of a reduced price. Last, the writer will share how the communication style and personality trait contributed to the negotiation of the purchase of a Ford Escape 2010.


In July 2008 I purchased a new Ford Escape from Perry Ford. Just two years later the transmission broke. I took the vehicle to Perry Ford to have it assessed and was told the transmission needed to be replaced. At the time, the vehicle was only two year’s old I was very upset because a new vehicle is not supposed to break down this soon. I realized that I did not have the four thousand dollars to replace the transmission therefore I had to negotiate with the sales team to sell me a new vehicle at a reduce price.


Before I began to discuss the possibility of purchasing a new vehicle I expressed my concern about a new vehicle breaking down in two years. I believed I had received a lemon and thus discussed the possibility of talking to a lawyer. I was setting the stage to request a big discount on a new vehicle that I should not have been in position to purchase at that time because my vehicle was only two years old. I also emphasized the financial stress I was going to be in because a new vehicle would mean a higher monthly payment and the loss of the payments I have made on my current vehicle. The sales team was not too sympathetic therefore; I called a friend with a tow truck to come retrieve my vehicle from the dealer. I told my friend I would fix the transmission in another shop because I knew that it would be cheaper than the

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