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Nellie Mcclung's Case And The Right To Vote

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Nellie McClung’s Fight for “The Persons Case” and The Right to Vote

Nellie McClung is a great Canadian who fought for women to vote in Canada and one of the Famous Five in the “Persons Case”. She is a Canadian author, politician, and reformer. Nellie began her campaign for women’s suffrage in Manitoba, 1911. In 1912, she helped form the Political Equality League. Before 1917, an eligible voter in Canada was defined as “a male person, including an Indian and excluding a person of Mongolian or Chinese race…. No woman, idiot, lunatic, or criminal shall vote.” On January 27th, 1916 the Enfranchisement of Women Act was passed, giving women the right to vote. McClung made a mockery of the argument against male suffrage from Premier Rodmond

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