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Finding Nemo???

I remember the time that I found him. He was still in the egg and my wife was no where to be found. Earlier in the day we swam down to the plethora of kids we were going to have and were deciding on what to name them. Coral my wife wanted at least one of the kids name to be Nemo. I preferred to keep it simple and wanted to name half of the kids Marlin Jr. and the other half Coral Jr. after both of our names. I really didn’t care at the time and in the back of my mind I liked the name Nemo. Well that evening we were outside our anemone. We just bought the house and we needed a place to raise the kids we were going to happen. We saw a huge fish on the horizon and it seemed hungry from my eyes and I never liked big fish being a little clownfish. I told Coral to get into the house but she didn’t listen she charged for the eggs and the fish did the same. I tried to protect her but the fish knocked me into a big rock and I blacked out.

I woke up sometime later in the same position I was in. I was dazed and confused but I recollected my thoughts and got up. I went searching for my wife and the kids but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find them. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something. It was one of my eggs from earlier. I swam over and picked it up in my fins. I was happy at least there was one of them left so I wasn’t alone. I have had issues in the past with depression and loneliness. So I often made friends since a young age. Without hesitation I gave the egg his name and his name was Nemo.

A few years later I was sleeping when Nemo was jumping on my stomach telling me to get up because it was time for school. I got up and told him to get ready although I was worried that he was not ready for school. After him getting ready we left to the school. On the way there were beautiful colors all around us as we swam. We got to the first major street and it was busy as it could be.

We got to the stop for school with time to spare. I went by these fish who assumed I was funny but just because I am a clownfish do not mean I am funny. There were a few kids playing on sponges and bouncing around. One of the kids fell off and although I felt bad because of him being hurt I couldn’t help but laugh. All seemed fine I for once was happy although I was afraid for Nemo. Nemo wanted to play with kids that were in some person’s yard and I told him it was not safe for him to. I kept looking around because this was one of the first times I have really been out for a purpose. I felt an uneasy feeling coming from behind me so I turned to look. The fish from earlier came charging into me and I took off as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

I swam as fast as I could till I ran into the school person. He asked what was wrong with me and I told him. He looked around and then back to me with a confused face telling me there was nothing even close to the description I gave him even close to this area. I got up and looked around and to my shock there was nothing but the playing kids and the parents who gave me a confused look. Well the kids went off to school with Nemo and I was talking to the parents asking where they were going. They all told me to the drop off and I was furious if I let Nemo get hurt I would kill myself.

I took off again heading for the drop off. When I got there I saw Nemo with kids trying to see how far they could all go. I told Nemo that he wasn’t ready for school and he needed to get over to me. Instead of listening to me he headed for the boat that was off in the distance. I was screaming at him to get back but for whatever reason he was not listening. He got to the boat and tapped it. Then, he started to head back when divers came up behind him and in front us me. The diver flashed a light in my eyes and it dazed me to no end.

When I finally got my eyesight back I saw the boat leaving and none of the kids and there was as if they were never there but I saw them I know it. I went chasing the boat for miles but I could never catch it. There were fishes swimming just under where I was swimming at. I went to ask them but none of them knew there was a boat even going by. I told myself over and over again that there was a boat I knew it from the bottom of my very heart. I kept looking for a sign of any boat but to my shock there was nothing. Then, this fish came up telling me there was one that went buy. She was a royal blue with a black and yellow strip going down the length of her body on both sides of her body. She introduced herself as Dory. I told myself it was a beautiful name the most beautiful name I have heard. She told me to follow her and she would show me the way to the boat.

I followed and we headed west for a decent amount of time. Then she changed directions as if she didn’t know who I was. I still being a worried parent followed. She turned around telling me to not follow her. I said she was showing me to a boat and she repeated what she said from earlier. I guess she suffers from short-term memory loss. Out of all the fish why did I get stuck with her only knowing the way the boat went. I told her that I didn’t have time and turned to go home. She grabbed my tail fin and she did say that she suffered from short-term memory loss and that it runs in her family but she says she could help me find the boat.

We went on our way and we got to this open part of the ocean with no fish in sight. Looking around there was nothing but open water. I turned to Dory but she was gone. Did I lose her I asked myself? Well I sat there waiting maybe I just went ahead of her. Well minutes went to hours then days with nothing but open water in all directions. Well I got up and looked around one last time then turned to go back when Dory came out of no where with three sharks. They said they were not going to hurt me and that Dory told them the whole situation. I followed them to their place which was a sunken ship surrounded by mines. The place was grim and disturbing.

They started some sort of meeting that was confusing considering they were great white sharks the most threatening of all the sharks. They talked about how they don’t usually eat fish. Their motto was “fish are friends not food” which is still in my head to this very day. To know that there are some sharks that doesn’t actually eat fish. Well it was my turn to go up the podium so I swam up to it and did introduced my name and that I have never eaten a fish in my life it would have been kind of weird if I have.

After some time me and Dory were talking about this mask that came from one of the divers that we found on our way to where we are. We didn’t know how to read it of what language it was written in. She said we should ask one of the sharks I wasn’t to keen on it so I grabbed it pulling on it. Well my fin slipped and it hit her on the face causing her to bleed as the biggest of the three sharks swam over. I guess he smelled the blood because he lost it and began attacking us.

We swam into a torpedo tube to protect ourselves from this crazy maniac shark. As he attacked the torpedo kept banging on the thing holding it from launching into something but Dory launched it anyways right into the sharks mouth. He threw it into one of the mines causing a massive explosion.

I swam back out of the torpedo tube to check the damage and see if the coast was clear. The sharks were gone and no where to be found but either was Dory which confused me because she was right next to me just a minute ago. I kept looking but to no success. Giving up I swam into the submarine to relax and I would continue my search tomorrow. That night I heard noises that frightened me to where I could not get any sleep at all. There was banging on the walls of the ship and I felt like someone was watching me. I became paranoid to where I swam from the submarine into the ocean blue.

I swam for miles and still had that feeling that I was being watched. I stopped swimming and called for them to come out but it was Open Ocean and there was no place to hide. I turned back to and kept swimming again. Terrified out of my mind I wasn’t going to stop no matter what. After about two hours of swimming I saw the first fish since Dory but they looked hurt.

When I got to them I could see the true sight that was there. It was Dory but not the Dory I knew she was laying on the ocean floor covered in blood and guts. She had a rock going completely through her body with the tip covered in her body. It seemed that she had been laying there for days because she had started decomposing and was almost unrecognizable. The sight made me fall to the ground and cry. I got back up after time and swam towards the way I came towards home. I couldn’t take losing anyone but Nemo was with that human but I couldn’t go on.

I got back to the fish to see Nemo there which was a surprise. I grabbed him and hugged him till I couldn’t anymore. When I let him go he seemed surprised to get that. He asked what was wrong but I told him it was nothing. I fell into a deep sleep that night and in the dream I had it was pitch black and the voice was telling me that Nemo was not real only a figment of my imagination made because of the loss of my wife and kids. None of them survived the fight with the fish and Dory wasn’t real as well I had made it all up.

I woke up the next morning and Nemo was not there I had finally realized what was happening I imagined it and it was all a delusion. I got up with tears in my eyes and swam in circles. I got out of the house and saw the open ocean for the last time. I looked around and saw a rock with a sharp point at the end. I swam over it and sat on top of it. I looked up and saw Dory and Nemo smiling at me and they reached their fins out towards me. They pushed me into the rock and it went through my body like a knife through hot butter but instead of feeling pain I felt joy I would eventually see my wife again as I took my last breath.

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