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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business
Shayon Haughton
Gerard Cummings 9/7/2014

Hello my name is Shayon Haughton and I am the CEO of Ruby Tuesday’s. When I first started Ruby Tuesday’s I had to create a Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct is intended to facilitate Ruby Tuesday’s Incorporated’s compliance with legal requirements and our standards of ethical business conduct for our staff members. I expect my staff members to have good judgment and to always act in the best interest of the Company. Code of Conduct also serves to remind the employee of what is expected of them, and that their actions, appearance, conduct and demeanor. With General Standards of Conduct Our Company encourages a relationship of trust, loyalty, honesty, and responsibility among staff members at all levels. We believe that all staff members deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to celebrating the diversity of our workforce and our guests, and respecting each staff member as we work together to achieve excellence in our business. Non-Solicitation is also included in my code of conduct because we do not want anyone to feel pressured by our staff members to contribute, Purchase or participate in events, goods or services that are not Company related. Guests or Visitors should not be made to feel as if they are being solicited by any representative of our Company for non-Company related goods or services. Managers and supervisors have a Special obligation not to solicit or endorse non-Company related goods, services or Organizations, as staff members may interpret it as a condition of employment to purchase, Accept or participate in such activity.

There are some key steps that i take to ensure that my employees follow the code of conduct. Clearly communicating our...

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