Never Above the Waist

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“Never Above the Waist”
1. The new P.E. teacher is also responsible for what? The girl’s sport program.
2. What was the sport? Field Hockey. What season is this sport played? in the Fall
3. Who found the equipment? The coach found the equipment. List the equipment they had. They had wooden sticks made from table legs, wooden balls as the hockey puck. In what condition was the equipment? It was old about 2-5 years, but can still be used.
4. The sign, glossed as Have, means what? B) There is equipment available
5. Why did Cinnie join the new team? They needed volunteers and she love sports and had never played field hockey before.
6. How many girls signed up for the team? 12 girls signed up
7. How did Cinnie describe the coach’s language or communication skills? The coach was inept, a weak signer, signed lousy, poorly, she tried to teach the players to sign and communicate the rules. She tried to sign and explain the meaning.
8. What was the one important rule the coach emphasized? To never put hockey stick above the waist.
9. What did Cinnie think of the rule? She thought it was fine and an okay rule and that it made sense. And if you raise/lift the stick above the waist it can be dangerous and you can lose control.
10. How long did Cinnie’s team practice before their first game? A) They practiced one or two weeks.
11. Compare Cinnie’s team and the opposing team in terms of uniform and equipment( Cinnie’s team = (2) details, opposing team = (5) details. The opposing team had fancy equipment and look like prof uniforms, very neat.
12. Even though the Deaf team didn’t have fancy equipment and uniforms, what was the deaf girls’ attitude toward the game?
13. How did Cinnie compare abilities of the two teams? Hearing team was good, they worked as team…...