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New Nationalism and Teddy Roosevelt: the New Ideals of Federal Intervention, Social Justice and Economic Welfare for the Nation.

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New Nationalism and Teddy Roosevelt: The new ideals of federal intervention, social justice and economic welfare for the Nation.

Abstract In 1901 when President McKinley was assassinated, Roosevelt confronted sentiment, especially from the older members of the Republican Party, that he was not the right person to lead the country, often referring to him as “His Accidency.” Roosevelt was interested in quickly changing the mood of the country and establishing his legitimacy to his new position. He did so by introducing a “New Nationalist” form of Progressivism. When Roosevelt was sworn in, the Progressive Party had already been developing and growing since the end of the 19th century. It advocated for reforms and the lead of the government in changing society’s problems in response to socio-economic and political imbalances. Such thinking was a radical change in the country’s mindset, with earlier efforts supporting private efforts to solve the nation’s ills. The Progressive party had a broad platform, but the overall goal was for government to implement and lead efforts to alter societal inequalities. The Progressives called for eliminating corruption in the federal government as well as supporting a social welfare program, the women’s vote, penal system reform, and prohibition. Although the issue of civil rights for African-Americans was of concern of some members, this issue was not formally included in any of the Progressive party’s literature. With the support of journalists, and the many lectures and speeches by activists, the Progressives began to build up support for their movement. Roosevelt’s upbringing set the stage for his being involved with Progressivism. Although born into a wealthy New York City family, his father was a well-known philanthropist who formed the New York City’s Children Aid Society, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the…...

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