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Niche and Gaps


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Reflecting on STEM Curriculum Research
Marcel LeChard
University Maryland University College
WRTG 391
May 7, 2015
Prof. Nekimken

Introduction Articles cited in this courses synthesis/ literature review offered insight on topics relating to the STEM initiative. Many of the sources cited attempted to narrowed all the general topics of STEM down to how this initiative affects students at varying stages in their education, as well as how this new curriculum is being implemented in regards to the students’ particular age group. There are volumes of studies done on the institution level of STEM implementation, but not much exists, if at all, regarding individuals’ stages of cognitive development and how the curriculum should be adjusted to meet the needs of students at different stages of their education. The STEM program, as previous research has shown, positively influences a majority of the students that have encountered this program. Early interaction with applied mathematics and engineering, if presented in the right way, can instill a lifelong interest and excitement regarding these vitally important subjects. Many of the studies presented previously seem to be mainly funded and or initiated by individuals not directly involved in the education profession, which potentially creates a conflict of interest. Politicians and committees appointed by varying state and federal government offices are seemingly more interested in the efficiency and potential success of the program at a business level, like in relation to a cost benefit analysis. More research needs to be done by a collaborative effort by educators and the scientific community. If a developmental psychologist were able to collaborate with educators and experts in the STEM subject fields to perfect the STEM curriculum at the different levels of

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