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Standard Bidding Document

Procurement of Works
Medium Contracts

[With Provision For e-Submission]

[For use in NCB/ICB for works up to Rs,500.00 Million]

Public Procurement Monitoring Office Tahachal, Kathmandu

August 2011

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This Standard Bidding Document for Procurement of Works is based on the PPMO’s SBD for Medium Contracts and is prepared by Government of Nepal (GoN), Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) to include provision for e-submission in the SBD for facilitating e-procurement by the Procurement Entities.

Standard Bidding Document

Procurement of Works

Medium Contracts

[With Provision for e-Submission]

Procurement of:

Issued on:
Bid Document issued to:

Project Name : [insert: project name]
Office Name : [insert: Office Name]
Office Address: [insert: Office Address]

Financing Agency: Government Budget or Loan/Credit/Grant [Insert: Loan/Credit/Grant number if financed by Development Partner]

Table of Contents

Section I. Invitation for Bids (IFB) 1

Section II Instructions to Bidders (ITB) 4

Section III. Sample Forms of Bid, Qualification Information, Letter of Intention to Award, Letter of Acceptance and Agreement 31

Section IV. General Conditions of Contract (GCC) 44

Section V. Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) 66

Section VI. Specifications 71

Section VII. Drawings 72

Section VIII. Bill of Quantities 73


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