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No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch

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Dog Food Fried, Flipped and Devoured
Eating dog food may not be seen as the easiest thing to stomach because the smell, texture and by-products found within the mixture are thought of as awful and revolting. In Ann Hodgman’s “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch”, although the title may suggest otherwise, different types of dog food are discussed. In this essay, Hodgman aims to inform her readers about the inequality in different types of dog food, as well as to entertain and amuse. Hodgman is writing to a broad audience, one of dog lovers and owners, as well as those that may be curious as to what is really in dog food, or more generally the packaging and processing of mass-produced food of any kind. Language, description and humor are techniques Hodgman skillfully uses to create a strong, convincing essay.
Within this essay, Hodgman continually uses diction and syntax that a diverse audience can understand and relate to. In the beginning, the reader feels repulsed by what is written. However, through a light tone of voice and sentence structure, the levity of the experiences and feelings occurring throughout the experiment is conveyed. The personal anecdotes and thoughts make the tone feel less formal and much more story-like. In this way, Hodgman produces a piece that connects the information and readers
Shortly after capturing interest through stating questions, Hodgman begins using large amounts of description. Each type of dog food is explained and illustrated so well that the reader can imagine its details and place themselves in the author’s position when spooning that first bit of kibble into her mouth. The author creates images and ideas by relating them to everyday items. For example, a comparison of Play-Doh occurs in different places in order to ensure comprehension and connection to what the author feels the dog food seemed to be in appearance and texture

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