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Non Profit Organization

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An Assignment
Nonprofit organization

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Ten non profit organizations in Bangladesh:

1) Government of Bangladesh 2) National University 3) Abahoni Limited 4) Anjuman Mofidul ISslam 5) DESA 6) DESCO 7) WASA 8) Quantum Method 9) ASA 10) Action aid Bangladesh

Introduction: A nonprofit organization is formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit other than the pursuit or accumulation of profits for owners or investors. "The nonprofit sector is a collection of entities that are organizations; private as opposed to governmental; non-profit distributing; self-governing; voluntary; and of public benefit" (Solamon 10). The nonprofit sector is often referred to as the third sector, independent sector, voluntary sector, philanthropic sector, social sector, tax-exempt sector, or the charitable sector. Non-profit organizations play a major role in all nations. Non-profit organizations do contribute in several areas of society and economy without any profit motto.
In modern days economy is handled by State and Capitalists (Business community). At some point they work together while at other they compete with each other.
State/Government though itself is a non-profit concept, but still they work under strict governmental procedure, constitution and budget with popular consent and vote. On the other side profitable entities (capitalists/business...

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