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A Chronicle of Last Three Years: Building the Future

Budget Speech 2012-13

Abul Maal Abdul Muhith
Minister Ministry of Finance Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Dhaka 24 Jaisthya 1419 7 June 2012

Issues Permission Page 1

Chapter I: Introduction and Background Tribute, Acknowledgement, The Vision, Budget: A 1-4 Tool for Realising the Vision Chapter II: Macroeconomy and Global Perspective Global Perspective, Growth, External Sector, Remittance and Manpower Export, Current Account, 5-7 Foreign Exchange Reserve and Exchange Rate, Inflation, Monetary Policy Chapter III: Budget for FY 2011-12: Problems and Corrections Revised Revenue Targets, Revised Expenditure Targets, Budget Deficit, Revised ADP, Recent Economic Scenario, Economic Strategies Chapter IV: FY2011-12 Budget Structure Assumptions: Global Economy, Monetary and Fiscal Space, Sustained Growth in Agriculture, Private Sector Investment, Revenue Mobilisation, Inflation Structure: Estimates of Revenue Income, Estimates of Expenditure, Budget Deficit and Financing, Annual Development Programme, Overall Expenditure Structure Chapter V: Reform Programmes Public Financial Management: Medium Term Budget Framework, Multi-module Database (iBAS), Reforms in Expenditure Management, ADP Implementation, New Budget Classification Structure and District Budget, Information Technology in the Public Financial Management, Strengthening Audit Ensuring Private Participation in the Infrastructure Sector: Public-Private Partnership, Institutional Framework, Progress of PPP Projects and Future Plans 8-11





Financial Sector: Sovereign Credit Rating, Modernisation of Bangladesh Bank, Reforms in Financial Sector, Anti-Money Laundering, Reforms in Insurance Sector Capital Market: Capital Market Restructuring, Surveillance and Clearing & Settlement System, Financial Reporting Act and…...

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