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ITT Technical Institute

NT1210 Introduction to Networking Onsite Course


Credit hours: 4.5 Contact/Instructional hours: 56 (34 Theory Hours, 22 Lab Hours) Prerequisite(s) and/or Corequisite(s): Prerequisites: NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic or equivalent Course Description: This course serves as a foundation for the study of computer networking technologies. Concepts in data communications, such as signaling, coding and decoding, multiplexing, circuit switching and packet switching, OSI and TCP/IP models, LAN/WAN protocols, network devices and their functions, topologies and capabilities are discussed. Industry standards and the development of networking technologies are surveyed in conjunction with a basic awareness of software and hardware components used in typical networking and internetworking environments

Introduction to Networking


Where Does This Course Belong?
This course is required for the associate program in Network System Administration and the associate program in Electrical Engineering Technology. The following diagrams demonstrate how this course fits in each program. Associate Program in Network Systems Administration

NT2799 NSA Capstone Project

NT2580 Introduction to Information Security

NT2670 Email and Web Services

NT2640 IP Networking

PT2520 Database Concepts

NT1330 Client-Server Networking II

NT1230 Client-Server Networking I

NT1430 Linux Networking

PT1420 Introduction to Programming

NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic

NT1210 Introduction to Networking

NT1310 Physical Networking

CO2520 Communications

SP2750 Group Theories

EN1420 Composition II

EN1320 Composition I

GS1140 Problem Solving Theory

GS1145 Strategies for the Technical Professional

MA1210 College Mathematics I

MA1310 College Mathematics II

Networking Technology Courses


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