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Nt1110- Computer Structure and Logic Module 2


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Shawn Saint-Germain
NT1110- Computer Structure and Logic
June 29, 2015
Module 2 Short Answer

I/O devices are a vital part of any computer system. These devices enable the user to put data into the system (input) and receive a visual representation of what they put in (output). Some of the most vital I/O devices to make a system operable are the most common seen. One such device being the monitor. The monitor is the single most important output device to have on a system. The monitor allows for a visual display of all inputted data on the computer. Paired with the monitor, the keyboard and mouse are 2 input devices which allow the user to directly input data and various other information into the system. However, there are some input devices which are not necessary for normal use of the system. One such example being a webcam. Webcams allow for visual input into the system but is not vital for system functionality or performance. Due to the fact that a visual input device is not a normal form of input for a system. A modem is considered an I/O device for a variety of reasons. A modem allows for data input to the system directly from the internet and other systems, as well as allowing the system to output data to other systems. Another device that follows the dual functionality aspect is a printer. The printer is viewed mainly as an output device, allowing for data to be visually outputted to paper. The printer can also be considered an input device, depending on what type of printer you have. Currently printers come multi-functional in the form of a printer and a scanner. This would turn the printer unit into an input device, allowing for the input of visual data from important paper documents into the system.

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...NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic Module 2 Short Answer 2.1 I/O Devices Professor Mo Suleiman I/O Devices An I/O device is defined as “any of various devices (including sensors) used to enter information and instructions into a computer for storage or processing and to deliver the processed data to a human operator or, in some cases, a machine controlled by the computer.” (Britannica, 2014) With that information presented, the critical I/O devices needed for the computer are a mouse and keyboard. They are both necessary because they are input devices. The mouse allows the user to tell the computer what program to open, while the keyboard is used for allowing the user to input information in a language the user and computer understands to carry it out. The monitor and printer are output devices. There are a different types of both. The traditional output device of a personal computer has been the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor. Just like a television set (an older one, anyway) the CRT monitor contains “a large cathode ray tube that uses an electron beam of varying strength”. (Computer Terminology) The monitor displays the video signal produced by a part within the computer. Thus then you have picture. A modem is classified as a Input and output devices because of what it does for the computer. It transmits and receives information, therefore is a input AND output. The printer as well can do this if it’s a fax machine built together with it. The Printer outputs...

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