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Nt1210 Unit 1 Assignment 1 Subnet Analysis

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ITNT121 Assignment


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Networking Assignment

Question 1 1
Question 2 5
Question 3 42 marks 8
Bibliography 11

Question 1
Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow:
1.1 You have been hired as a network expert to design and configure this network. Design an appropriate IP addressing scheme for Big Data College. For each subnet provide the following: (8 marks)
a. Subnet address
b. First IP address
c. Last IP address
d. Broadcast address Subnet Address First host Last Host Broadcast
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3 …show more content…
The implementation must include working demonstrations within packet tracer with working DHCP, WIFI and printer for each subnet. All devices must be configured correctly (16 marks)

1.3 Configure the routers with a password of cisco1. Provide a screenshot of this configuration and show proof of your configuration. (5 marks)

1.4 Test your network and provide screenshots as proof of a successful connection. (4 marks)

Question 2

2.1 As a network administrator why is important to understand the OSI model? (9 …show more content…
Collisions occur commonly in setups using hubs. (Diffen, 2012)

3.2 Suppose your requisition was successful. What configuration can you make such that you are able to fulfil the configurations required? What are the benefits of such a configuration? (12 marks)

I would implement a start topology with a single server and wifi router for the following reasons: Star Topology is:

• Easy to install and wire.

• Does not cause disruptions to the network when connecting or removing devices.

• Makes it easy to detect faults and to remove parts.

3.3 Create a working demonstration for ABC Ltd network structure.

a. Make the configurations you specified on 3.2 Assuming ABC Ltd has the following departments: Accounting, Manufacturing and Administration. (4 marks)

b. You may add ten nodes or computers on your packet tracer demonstration. Take a screenshot showing how you configured your switch for these computers. (5 marks).

c. Provide a screenshot to prove that you have successfully made the configurations. (3 marks).

3.4 Describe in detail the process of a local address resolution used by Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). (8

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