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Nt2580 Unit 1 Assignment Impact of Data Classicification


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Unit Assignment 2: Impact of a Data Classification
The Internal Use Only data classification standard of Richman Investments has many different infrastructures domains that are affected via internal use only data classification. More than all others, the three infrastructures that are affected the most are the User Domain, Workstation Domain and the LAN Domain.
The reason why the User Domain infrastructure is one of the most affected infrastructures is because the User Domain infrastructure is the infrastructure that allows users to access the network. This is a problem because many users do not fully understand everything, all the time and thus is bound to make a mistake sooner or later. With so many users on our network, this is probably the most vulnerable domain infrastructures in our network.
The Workstation Domain is also another domain infrastructure that has great reason to be affect by internal use only data because this is where the user connects to the our network. The reason that this can cause security threats and other problems is because this domain can be connected via a personal laptop or even a cell phone or other mobile device.
The final infrastructure domain that is greatly affected is the LAN domain. The reason that this domain infrastructure is affected by internal use only data is because this domain is the open domain available companywide, to anybody in the building or even near the building via a wireless device.
If we watch these specific areas closer and implement some user policies, I’m certain that we can normalize as well as reduce security threats to our network and in turn, will make our company a more productive and profitable company.

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