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Nt2680 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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Dallas Benning
Unit 1 Assignment 2: Impact of a Data Classification Standard
The “Internal Use Only” data classification standards will affect the user domain, the work station domain and the LAN domain. These three domains are the most basic infrastructure domains and the will cover all users in the company. The classification will cover the company telephone directory, employee training materials and internal policy manuals.
The User Domain explains the people who have access to the company’s information. This domains will contain all of the user’s information and will enforce the policies that control what information each user is allowed to access. This domain can also be the greatest weakness in a system and needs to be carefully monitored.
The Workstation domain is where users are verified and accounts are set up. They will need to have a user name and password assigned to them by the IT department before they can access any systems or data. Also, no personal devices or any forms of removable media will be allow on the network. There will also be policies in place to ensure that each employee only has access to the information that they need to perform their jobs.
The LAN domain includes all physical elements of the LAN network. There must be strong security for this domain because it is the entry point to any WAN networks and makes accessing workstations far easier. Users must have background checks and be screened before given access to the physical networks. The data closets mush be watched for anyone attempting to enter them without permission.
With these policies in place, the user data and the data for the company as a whole will remain safer and out of the wrong hands.

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