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This is dedicated to all women living with HIV, in the sincerest hope that this study will make a small contribution to programme development and implementation. I also wish to dedicate this to my family: Patience, Babongile and Bongiwe, with love.



This study would not have been possible without the support, commitment and encouragement of a large number of people in a wide range of capacities. Unfortunately, it is not possible to acknowledge by name all the people who contributed in some way to the study. Above all l appreciate the contribution of all the pregnant women who participated in the study, who volunteered their time and valuable information.

Particular thanks are due to my supervisor Gretchen du Plessis for her untiring effort and thorough guidance throughout the study.

A special word of thanks goes to the Bulawayo Medical Director’s office and the staff at the city clinics for allowing me to carry out the study. I am also grateful to the research assistants who assisted in collecting data.


DECLARATION I declare that this dissertation is my own, original work undertaken in partial fulfilment of Master of Arts in Social Behavior studies in HIV/AIDS degree. I have made no use of sources, materials or assistance other than those which have been openly and fully acknowledged in the text.




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