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Nutritional Knowledge and Food Consumption

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Nutrition Knowledge and food consumption

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Nutrition has a significant role in human life. It affects our energy level, well-being and overall health in major way depending on what type of food we choose. To live a healthy life everyone should have basic nutrition knowledge, which is really important. To have nutrition knowledge may not be able to change the food behaviour all of a sudden but it will be helpful to change the food behaviour slowly. Everyone should have basic nutrition knowledge because it is necessary to change food consumption behaviour, it helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases. It is really necessary to have nutrition knowledge from early age. Each day’s choices may harm people only a little but this choices continue over years and decades that’s really harmful.

Nutrition knowledge is necessary to change food behaviour. If people don’t have basic knowledge about nutrition then they will not even know that what they eat every day and what they should eat. To only have knowledge about nutrition can’t change the food intake totally. People should also have that desire to follow healthy lifestyles. People who have basic knowledge, at least they will think that what typed of food they are eating every day. Suddenly they will not change their food consumption style but may be in one stage of life they will be aware of their food consumption. Anthony Worsley mentioned in his article “Nutrition knowledge and food consumption: can nutrition knowledge change food behaviour?” that –

“A major, influential study was performed by Wardle. This was a postal survey of 1040 18–75-year-oldparticipants selected from General Practitioners’ lists in England. Nutrition knowledge was...

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