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Today we use food that come from plants and animal modified by human through breeding, undergoing genetic changes from many thousand years. Plants and animals which have desire characteristics were chosen for breeding new generation. Desired characteristics arose from naturally occurring variations in genes of plants and animals. Hence genetic modification occurs naturally and forms the base of evolution.
Techniques used today to modify genes provide new ways to identify special characteristics and transfer them in plants and animals. For example, it is now easy to make copy gene of an organism and insert it another organism for desire characters. The resulting plants and animals has
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For example,
• Rhubarb leaves, green potatoes are dangerous due to their toxic components.
• Some foods like cow’s milk and egg cause allergy in some people.
To prevent harmful bacteria growth we must careful in preparing food. We develop the method to preserve food from bacterial growth and use for long period of time using techniques like salting, pasteurization cooling and canning etc.
Today we increase array of new food and food chemicals that do not have history of use in society. Before using these foods and food chemicals as food supply ensures that they don’t have harmful effects to humans.
Regulation of Food in New Zealand and Australia
For public health and safety protection New Zealand and each state of Australia designed food safety law. These laws for food safety and reliability are enforced and interpreted by their respective government. While setting food regulation must know history of food usage and this regulation effects level of risk a community accept due to food relation.
IN New Zealand and Australia food for sale must comply trade laws and other laws which protect environment and less usage of

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